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  • Competition Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Prospect Intelligence
  • Technology trends

"Prayag has added lot of value to our marketing efforts by working seamlessly with my team. They have helped us in shaping new marketing initiatives and been a valuable sounding board. They have also been quick to understand the complexities of a large organization and have pooled in their expertise to always offer creative and implementation-friendly solutions to us. I'm very happy with Prayag in their role as an external consultant partnering with us to meet our business objectives."

- Key member, Management Team, Client Organization.

Competition intelligence for IT services provider


The Client

Headquartered in Bangalore, the client is a global IT services provider and the third largest IT services company in India.

Serving over 300 customers worldwide, the company provides a range of IT services, software solutions, IT consulting, business process outsourcing (BPO) services as well as research and development services in the areas of hardware and software design.

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Business Context

To support its marketing and strategic decision making process, the company recognized the need to constantly monitor the IT services market and competition across specific horizontals and verticals.

Tracking competition, technology and market trends is a key input for driving strategic decisions for the company. The company therefore wished for periodic information and analysis of the market and competition to keep its sales and leadership teams updated. Given the size of the company – its multiple service areas and hence diversity of data that needed to be tracked continuously - the company decided to partner with Prayag as we had demonstrated our in-depth industry context understanding in previous interactions with the client.

Prayag's Solution

The engagement started in 2001 and, since then, leveraging its retainer model, Prayag provides periodic competition intelligence, market updates and analysis reports. The partnership with the client has grown since its inception and currently Prayag serves four different groups within the company, each focused on a different line of business – leading to a unique set of requirements with multiple sets of competitors to be tracked. The Prayag team held extensive discussions with the client to understand their requirements and the specific competition that needed to be tracked. Armed with this knowledge, a custom deliverables plan was drawn up for each line of business. Prayag today provides both qualitative and quantitative research analysis to these business divisions. To deliver consistent, top-quality incisive analysis, the team leverages the wealth of trend data and market information collected over time, and supplements this by polling its rich network of industry contacts.

Sample research reports delivered to the various business groups:

  • Quarterly Competition and Product Vendor Results analysis
  • Monthly theme-based research report
  • Monthly Competition Profiling – across Vertical and Horizontal lines of business
  • Monthly newsletter on market and technology trends
  • Fortnightly Market trends report
  • Prospect Profiling
  • Profiling of M&A candidates


These timely reports have helped equip the client’s sales team with relevant information thereby improving their effectiveness. Incisive market research and competition analyses have helped keep the client abreast with the current happenings in the market, benchmark competition and fine tune its approach-to-market.

Prayag’s strong conceptual and analytical skills and understanding of the industry context ensure delivery of interpretative inputs to the client. In addition, by leveraging its rich network in the industry, the team has been able to validate trends and deliver insightful analysis. Lastly, Prayag’s ability to adhere to, and exceed, tight turnaround times has ensured timely deliverables leading to a lasting and growing relationship with our client.

If you are interested in learning about how we can add value to the marketing of your business, please contact us.

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