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While charting its growth strategy, one of India's Tier 1 IT services companies, decided to initiate a re-look at one of its key horizontal business' customer landscape through intensive customer data mining. Prayag was brought in to carry out the analysis and offer strategic inputs to help the company make an informed decision on future growth strategies.

Customer landscape analysis for account mining


The Client

A tier 1 IT services company, the client is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to global corporations. The company offers services, including systems integration, information systems outsourcing, package implementation, as well as software application development and maintenance. The company is the world's first IT services organization to be certified PCMM level 5 and SEI CMM Level 5, and is one of the largest product engineering and support service providers worldwide.

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Business Context

The company is organized into vertical industry units and horizontal solution-focused businesses. The horizontal units cross-sold their services to the existing customers of the vertical industry units. In addition, verticals also opened new accounts through these services. One of the company's leading horizontal businesses, which was also a Prayag client, wanted to analyze its customer base to identify opportunities for growth. First, they wanted to look at their significant growth customers and examine further opportunities for growth. Second, they also wanted to analyze stagnant customers and understand reasons for lack of growth. Third, they wanted to map significant customers of the organization and see if their business cross sold effectively into those accounts. Lastly, there was also a need to determine if the potential to cross-sell the horizontal unit's services had been fulfilled across its important clients.

Prayag was entrusted with carrying out this strategic exercise and recommending ways to better customer mining and account management.

Prayag's Solution

Leveraging its understanding of the horizontal space, Prayag conducted a comprehensive analysis of the customer portfolio. A total of over 200 customer accounts were categorized as key, stable, low performing or inactive contributors, based on their performance over 12 quarters. With the customer as the central theme, the data was analyzed from the following dimensions -

  • Size of the account
  • Vertical presence
  • Horizontal/service
  • Revenue contribution and
  • Growth of the account
A tail analysis of the customer base was done - and it was found that the tail comprised of a large number of accounts contributing reasonably low revenues. This helped identify gaps in new account enrolment and account management.

Prayag consolidated the findings of the customer data analysis, and presented a set of recommendations, which would form key inputs to the client's strategic decision making process.


Prayag's analysis gave the client a 360 degree view of the horizontal business' customers, prompting a re-look at its account management practice. This enabled the client bring in greater proactivity in its account management process with improved customer mining, cross sell efficiency, new account enrolment and introduction of improved account replenishment programs.

The comprehensive nature of the Prayag framework also resulted in the analysis being used as a key input for other business divisions.

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