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  • Customer satisfaction study
“For service-centric organizations like ours, it is very crucial to keep checking the satisfaction levels of customers to benchmark and raise the performance bar. The findings of the survey have provided us with a launch platform that will aid in converting customer satisfaction to customer wow."

- Key member of management team, Client organization

Launching customer loyalty program through a satisfaction survey


The Client

The client is a promising player that provides high end customer experience solutions. The client is known for designing compelling customer interaction solutions to help with conversions and customer evangelization.

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Business Context

The client has been in business for over five years and has a global customer base. The company decided that the time had come to launch a customer loyalty program, given its customer base size and composition. As a first step to this process, it wanted to conduct a satisfaction survey among its customers in India and the Middle East. The company reached out to Prayag to create and administer the survey among the target group and provide insights from the responses collected.

Prayag's Solution

Prayag’s team met with the client’s senior management to understand the company, its business objectives and priorities. Following this, Prayag took care of the entire process, from questionnaire design to conducting the survey to response analysis and finally, providing recommendations to the client based on the findings.

The first step was to design a customized questionnaire for the survey to address different profiles of client contacts. The questionnaire was administered using a multi-modal approach including email, telephonic, postal mail, web and face to face interviews. Once the requisite responses were collected, Prayag’s team analyzed the data using statistical tools to arrive at a set of recommendations for the client to help them launch a business relevant customer loyalty program.


  • Prayag achieved a response rate of 80% from the company’s clients and interacted with key customers to get valuable data
  • Based on the recommendations made by Prayag, the client launched a series of improvement initiatives with a view to improve customer relationships.
  • As a result of these improvement initiatives, the client now has found that more of its customers are showing greater satisfaction with its service levels.

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