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Providing insight into Indian smart TV consumers


The Client

The client, an Asian MNC, is a leading player in the consumer electronics space with a well-established presence in India. With a revenue stream in excess of USD 327 billion, the client is a well-recognized household brand. It also has a presence in enterprise segments such as hospitality, healthcare, education, automotive and logistics.

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Business Context

The company was looking to establish itself as the leader in the smart TV market in India. For this, it needed to understand, in-depth, consumers’ perceptions and usage possibilities of technology through television. The company wanted detailed information on consumers’ present interactions with and usage patterns of television, smart or non-smart, and consumer expectations from the experience. The overall goal was to understand the features used by consumers, their expectations, and through this identify new features that would motivate users to purchase the company’s smart TV.

Prayag's Solution

Prayag helped the company understand the actual usage and TV watching behavior of the target audience, their appreciation of technology, and demands from the TV watching experience. For this, Prayag’s research team conducted deep dive interviews across major Indian cities and also interacted with retailers in the same cities. We analyzed how the products were explained to prospective buyers to understand how consumers were educated about the product at the time of purchase, and later at the time of usage.

During the consumer interviews, Prayag’s researchers got a firsthand view of how people interacted with their televisions. In addition, the team conducted focus groups with teenagers after zeroing in on that demographic as influencers in a household for television purchase. We also studied another subset - technology savvy individuals - to understand how that segment used technology and television, and what their expectations would be from a smart TV.

After completing the interviews, Prayag’s team compared tech vs. non tech savvy participants’ usage and based on the findings, suggested the following to make the company’s product sought after:

  • Apps to develop on the company’s existing platform
  • Additional features that would increase its appeal to consumers


  • Prayag’s findings helped the company understand in detail the target audience and their TV watching behavior - this afforded insights into what the company needed to provide to the users – ahead of the curve.
  • Prayag’s insights helped the company in the design phase for its new products. It helped them build market relevant features and apps into their product.

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