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Deploying a customer centricity program is your strong platform towards better customer management

Typically, customer centric programs only feature the customer and tend to ignore other stakeholders such as partners and employees. It is equally important to address these stakeholders as they exert a significant influence on the way your customers are serviced.

Prayag's approach to customer centricity does just that. By integrating inputs from all three key stakeholders, the program aims to create and nurture satisfied customers who ensure sustainable business growth and profitability.

Prayag offers just the right combination of capabilities and skills for your customer centricity program to succeed. These include -

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Prayag Case Study


customer loyalty program through a

satisfaction survey

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Four times in a row at the International MarCom Award for Prayag Consulting

Jayanthi Badrinath, Principal, gave a talk on "How to create a business plan" to young entrepreneurs and members of the faculty of Dayanand Sagar College, on 25th Nov 2014.
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