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Getting the message right

The IT services industry, comprising global scale players, Indian multinationals as well as a growing number of next generation niche players, is at the cross-roads. While the established brands are reinventing themselves to be equally relevant to customers in a market that has altered considerably, next generation players are focused on sharpening their business value proposition and defining their space. Companies are grappling with a diverse set of problems - redefining engagement models, discovering non- linear growth opportunities, entering new markets, determining how to integrate new technology trends into their business model and understanding how to communicate with a wider set of target audiences.

With most IT service providers addressing multiple markets - industries, geographies and horizontals, crafting the right message can be a challenge. Determining the right services across markets, figuring out the service mix, developing go to market strategies and positioning the company and its offerings in the market are some of the areas that IT services companies need to focus on, to make a mark.

This entails a gamut of activities spanning research, branding and marketing communication. Given the diversity of activities to be performed by the marketing function, progressive IT services companies have chosen to work with external partners to carry out their marketing programs, to give them flexibility, speed and access to expertise.

Prayag has a track record of working with the entire spectrum of IT services companies - MNCs, 5 of the top 10 Indian companies and specialist service providers. We have worked with our clients to solve strategic problems they are facing, as well as partner on an ongoing basis to strengthen the scope and reach of their marketing programs. To learn more about work we do for IT services companies.




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